Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Journey...Enjoy it!

Nine years ago, I was a dead broke 19 year old college student. I had Big Dreams my whole life and knew I wasn't going to settle for mediocrity. My dreams of becoming a professional athlete had been shattered due to major injuries, and I was left depressed and lost. I was attending UNF and was working part time at a marina. I was supposed to take care of the boats, but having a regular job, trading my precious time for crappy money, wasn't my idea of the American Dream! I was straight up bored and miserable! I had always been an entrepreneur capitalizing on building my own businesses. To make a long story short, after a few weeks I was fired because I was caught sleeping on the yachts instead of doing my J.O.B.! Subliminally, it was something I was hoping for. It’s funny how life’s dots seem to connect when you look back at the big picture. Growing up In Boca Raton, Fl you are surrounded by the Mansions, Ferrari's, Yachts, and people living the good life! I knew that in order to live that kind of lifestyle i needed to be a business owner that utilized leverage and had residual income. I called up my Mom and said “Mom, I need something that I can work from wherever I’m living and something that will pay me what I’m worth.” She set up a meeting with a family friend who had a ton of credibility with me and had owned the largest real estate company in Rhode Island. I came down that weekend and the three of us had brunch. He started showing me this thing called network marketing…I had never heard of such a thing. He started drawing on a soggy napkin….drawing out circles with hundred dollar bills in the middle of them! There were a lot of circles and a lot of money on that napkin…I was getting super excited. Then, he said, all I had to do was 2 simple things and that he would be there to help me every step of the way! I was thinking…”this is crazy! It’s got to be too good to be true!” My Mom and I got started….funny thing is I had to borrow the $99 that it cost to get involved because I was DEAD BROKE! I instantly went to work getting promoted 2 times within a month and a half. I shared the opportunity with all my friends and anyone that would take a minute to listen. Most of my friends just didn’t get it! I was like “what’s wrong with these idiots!? Do they not see all this money?!” So I moved on and started focusing on finding other college students like me. I would show up to the weekly meetings with 25-30 guests! My business was booming! I was determined that make it big! I went to my first national convention in Dallas, had to scrape money together to afford it and was going to go by myself, but my Mom decided to come and support me! I walked across the stage in front of 10,000+ people and I was hooked! I met another young guy and his sister that were millionaires by the age of 25…that was my goal! I wasn't going to let anyone stop me! All the haters fueled me to become even more successful! I remember going by the exotic car dealership every night before I went to sleep. I had my eyes set on my dream car which at the time was a Lexus GS 430. I was able to buy that car on my 1 year anniversary in the business…not bad for a 20 year old that was dead broke a year before living off macaroni and cheese. My next accomplishment was winning an all inclusive trip to Puerta Vallarta with the top 100 people in the company. I remember looking at the list and I couldn’t believe my name was on it! I rubbed shoulders with Billionaires and other multimillionaires! I flew on the companies private jet, went on their yachts, and spent time at their ridiculous ranch filled with exotic animals from all around the world! 2 years in the business I bought my first home on the intracoastal and my dream boat that was docked out back! While, all of this was happening some of my friends were seeing my success and joined me, while others were hating on me! They let their pride and ignorance get in the way. It’s funny how friends that should want the best for you, actually don’t want you to succeed because they don’t want you to get ahead of them! I kept moving on. Nothing was stopping me. I associated myself with positive influences and shut out the negative ones. I was focused man! I moved up and became a top producer with the company…everything was great! One day almost four years after getting started the company had left me. One person’s greed destroyed the fastest growing company in American history. I, along with thousands of others were left stunned and hurt! I decided to take time to figure out what I wanted to do and my heart wasn’t really into anything else. I did some real estate deals, but for nearly 2 years I was semi retired. Going to the beach or on the boat nearly everyday. Fast-forward to December 2006 I had received a call from a dear friend that I had met in the previous company. Dr. Ron is a well respected oral and maxillo facial surgeon here in Boca for 31 years. I knew that when he was calling me that he wanted me to get involved with some new company….and I wanted nothing to do with it! I was avoiding his calls, until he left me a message saying that Phil Mims was the owner. As soon as I heard Phil’s name I knew I had to take a look. Doc and I met right away, he showed the small amount of info he had and I wasn’t sure if this was for me…It was based on 3 all natural health supplements. I had tried all kinds of products to help me with my injuries and nothing worked…why would I get involved with a company that offered the same kind of thing? I knew I had to look past the products though because Phil Mims was the owner! He was an all-time top income earner with the previous company! He made millions of dollars and built an organization of over 500,000 reps! Best of all, he was a man of integrity and wanted to change the way business was being done! I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t afford miss!! I simply got started because i knew this was going to be HUGE and i didn't want to miss out! I got started and right away built a solid team comprised of good friends. I was in this for the money, but I soon realized that these products were different and they changed my life! I soon realized that 5% of our company’s gross revenue that was going to help starving kids right here in the USA was going to change me as a person! I became passionate about our mission! I sponsored a child…his name is Ethan and he is 6 years old. He has a rough life, but I’m hoping to make a positive impact on it! I think it’s so cool…I never would’ve sponsored a child before Nussentials and neither would a lot of the others that sponsored children as well! Today my team is responsible for taking care of 100 kids on a monthly basis! At the launch of the company I was awarded with the “Most Inspiring” award. It felt amazing! To know that I had made an impact on people! I took a moment to reflect…and this is what I had always dreamt about! I was involved with a ground floor opportunity, I was a top earner and giver, and I knew I was making a difference in the world! Nussentials has been a dream come true! The life long friendships that have been created, the awesome and unforgettable free trips we have taken, the countless lives we have changed, and the money that we are going to make is magical! At our first family reunion I was awarded with the “Leaders Leader” award, a Lexus, and again was a top earner and giver! I will never forget that and am here to serve every one of the reps in the company! I am Focusesd, Committed and Ready!! I look forward to the amazing journey ahead. I look forward to helping thousands of others experience true prosperity. I look forward to helping You create the life you’ve always dream about! Together we can make a difference! Let’s connect your life’s dots! I want to send thanks to My Mom! Without You, I wouldn’t be where I am today! You are my inspiration! Doc, Thank You for thinking of me and persisting that I take a look at this! You are a Great friend and leader! Phil Mims, the last 2 years have been amazing. You have touched so many people in ways you will never know! I’m proud to be a Nussentials Rep and look forward to the days ahead on Nussentials Island! Bryan Leslie, Josh Kallan, Papa Don, Angelo Paul. You have been with me from the beginning! I appreciate you more than words can describe. Thanks for all your efforts. Your friendship is precious to me. Toni Rodriguez, The Youngest and Fastest to hit NMR! It's hard to believe it's been less than a year! You are an extraordinary woman who will impact thousands of lives! Aaron Erickson, my dear friend! We have traveled many of the same paths and i look forward to living the endless summer with you! You are so powerful! To my team, new and old, thank you for joining me on this mission! Remember to always put others ahead of you! Be a servant! Together we are creating the most dynamic and powerful team this world has ever seen! Dynasty, a succession of Extraordinary Leaders from the Same Family! I can’t wait to go swimming with you all in the Legacy Pool! Your Servant, Ace

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  1. So proud of you accomplishments from having a drea m, passion and vision all while helping other achieve their dreams...Keep up the great work! xo