Monday, October 11, 2010

BEACH MONEY....Yea it's good stuff

Last week our company had the privilege of hearing from a legend in the relationship marketing industry.  Jordan Adler is a multi-millionaire and the author of the book "Beach Money."  What originally got me excited about this industry is being able to live out a childhood dream of living an Endless Summer. Growing up i was addicted to surfing,  and watched the legendary surfing movie called "The Endless Summer" which changed my life fact i still own and wear a t-shirt from the movie which is 18 years old!! This movie was about a group of surfers that traveled around the world surfing the best waves at the best time of the year. My dream has been to do what they did, BUT in style :)
Jordan's book Beach Money talks about his story and how after many setbacks and challenges is now able to live an Endless Summer and get paid whether he's on the beach, or sleeping! Make sure you listen to the call be clicking the link below...this call is well worth the time no matter what you do for a living.

Living the Beach Money Life,


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