Monday, October 11, 2010

The Social Network

I went to see the movie "The Social Network!"  I had been anticipating this film since first hearing about it. Being a social networker myself i was eagerly awaiting to see what was behind Facebook.  It's truly an amazing story...a Harvard computer geek who was drunk and bored one night puts together a  hotness rating website using the Harvard infrastructure... and ends up crashing the system! It was called  He hacked into all the different groups at Harvard, stole their pics, and made the website all in one night!  This was the beginning to what we all know now as Facebook!

So....500 Million friends later...Facebook is a 25+ BILLION dollar business and growing. Mark Zuckerberg, now 26 years old is the youngest billionaire!  Although Facebook exploded and Mark has made Billions, it wasn't all smooth fact he has been bombarded with lawsuits and lost friends in the process.

Moral of the story is that you too can have MASSIVE SUCCESS in a short period of time, BUT stories like these are extremely rare.  If you want to do Big things in life there will ALWAYS be challenges.  You are ther only one that can decide whether going after your dreams and following your passion is worth all the hardships. 

I can personally attest that for was sure worth it!

Oceans of Success,


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