Thursday, October 14, 2010

We all Have Challenges...

We all have challenges...what's in your way?
Do you have something or many things that are keeping you from living the life you've always dreamt about....or used to dream about?? For me...i was blessed to have been brought up with parents that always told me that i could do anything i put my mind to...constantly being positively reinforced.  I've found that most people didn't have that...and when you don't have people in your corner picking you up when your down and's easy to just give up and settle for mediocrity.  I want to introduce you to a friend and partner of mine through a 3 minute video.  You will see that Chris has been dealt some not so good cards, but he keeps rolling on :)  I want to challenge you to put all these challenges aside and spend some time right NOW letting your mind drift...and thinking about what your dream like would be like. Envision it...picture yourself living it...and put a plan on paper and into action.  If you don't have a plan and need help...hit me up...I'd be happy to help you out.'s my friend Chris Stein and here's the video i want you to check out: We all Face Challenges

To Your Success!


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