Monday, November 15, 2010

Lone NUT turns into a Glorious LEADER

Have you ever wanted to do something, but for one reason or another you didn't?  Maybe you started to, but never followed through....

What do you think was the reason for not going forth?

From what I've found...most people are afraid....afraid how how they will look and afraid of what their friends and family will think. Have you ever had a really great idea or been super stoked about something....and you start sharing that idea with people and get shot down? You get shot down over and over and finally say "what was i thinking!?" and decide to give up! It's unfortunate because most of us have, and we probably gave up right before something great was about to happen! 

All my life i have always stood out in the crowd....I'm not really sure why or how it all started, but i was never the follower.  I had long hair, drove a van called the "Shaggin Wagon", did wild and crazy things, Etc....  Now, being the one that is different is never an easy thing to fact all my life i have been ridiculed and hated on.....even had people so envious that they would gang up on me and try to beat me up!!   You see...not everyone has liked what i do or who i am....and they have their reasons, BUT even with all the friction and times of struggle i continue on.

Why do i continue on?

I continue on because i follow my heart! I follow my ideas! I follow my dreams! I realize that the temporary pain is far less than the pain that comes from regret! I continue because experiencing new things and pushing through my comfort zone and breaking through barriers is the most fulfilling and rewarding thing in life!

To help you understand my madness and how I've been able to live a life i love, please watch this 3 minute video that was shared with me by a truly amazing human being. Thanks Elaine for being a leader and making a difference! :)

"First they Ignore you, Then They Laugh at You, Then They Fight you, and YOU WIN!! - Ghandi

Your Fearless Leader,


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