Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mountain Biking - The Addiction

Here's how i got HOOKED!

For as long as i can remember i would ride my mountain bike up and down A1A, which is a beautiful and BORING ride.  Living is South Florida and being into extreme and adrenaline pumping sports i have always wanted to mountain bike....but mountain bike in South Florida!??  I never in million years thought something like that could actually exist!

My friend Ryan saw my status on Facebook about riding my bike down A1A, and said that i need to hit the trails with him. I said, "What Trails!?" I went to Quiet Waters(trials are all maintained by riders on a volunteer basis) in Deerfield Beach the next day. From that 1st ride i was hooked and have been riding several times a week over the last 4 months!  I immediately went and bought a new bike and have been addicted ever since!

The beauty of the sport is that anyone can ride....from novice up to pro level there is something for everyone.  It's an amazing workout, inexpensive to do once you have your bike, and mountain bikers are really cool peeps!  They are happy and fun people!

My friend James said i should check out one of the upcoming races and without hesitation my riding partner and best friend Robyn entered immediately! In fact we skipped the novice and entered into the beginner class! BTW, this is the same trail that more advanced riders would ride! So race day came and we conquered 12 miles of amazing terrain only coming out with so loose skin! Others didn't fair so well....take a look at the pics.  Also here is a cool Vid that another racer filmed from his helmet cam while racing!

If you are interested in getting into the sport or want to join me for some rides hit me up!  I ride Oleta River State Park, Quiet Waters, and Markham Park which are all in SOuth Florida.  I'll be doing my first out of state ride this weekend in beautiful Ridgeway Colorado!

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