Thursday, December 23, 2010

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I recently connected with Tonya Scholz, entrepreneur and social media wiz, at a holiday party. She has been on my mind to connect with, and when we ran into each other she asked me to be on her talk show called social chats. It's an awesome show that interviews people that are building a brand through social media. You can check it out at and listen to the interview i did at

Thank you Tonya! I look forward to being back on the show in the nu year, and look forward to connecting with you lots more!

Oceans of Prosperity,


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  1. Hi Sean,
    Was your ears ringing? Debbie & I were chatting about you. I've never met such a humble person, but so powerful in his words. I look forward to our collaborations in 2011! :-D
    For Longer Life,