Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taking a Moment...

 First of all! I hope everyone is truly enjoying this holiday season. Make sure to take time away from the craziness this season can bring, to indulge in the warm feeling of BEING with your friends and family.

It's been too long since I've caught everyone up with all that's going on in my life! I've had an UNBELIEVABLE month starting with a trip to Ouray Colorado, where i got to spend a magical weekend with my team at the Black Bear Manor!  This was my 6th stay in the last 4 years, and every time is truly is a special trip!

I then was swept away to Arenal/La Fortuna Costa Rica with my family for a Thanksgiving vacation.  My Mother, Stepfather, Sister, and Brother in Law had never been away together so this was really special. Thanks to my Mom, we had the whole trip organized...from a gorgeous villa overlooking Lake Arenal, to adventure each and every day, to relaxation time at the hotsprings and massages at the villa as the sun was setting!  This experience will be deeply embedded in my memory as we really got to bond with no cell phones or email.  Thank you to my amazing family for this gift!

I've also been mountain bike racing, bought a new mountain bike, and riding several times a week!  This has become an addiction just like kiteboarding has been for me! I was able to ride in the majestic Colorado mountains in 20 degree weather!  It's funny because every time i run into a friend they say, "Wow, you lost some weight!" I'm always like...was i really that fat!? Lol!  But actually, i did lose a few pounds, a few inches, and feel better than i have in my entire life! My goal this year is to qualify to be in the pro division for biking! you didn't know that i'm a rugged athlete during the day, but am Martha Stewarts doubel at!  I actually have been hosting lots of Soy candle making classes and loving it!

All in all things have been truly wonderful! I have beautful friends in my life, while meeting so many awesome nu people! I truly feel like the richest person in the world because each and every day i live my life the way i want to. No limitations! I continue to share with others how they can too!

My wish for you is that 2011 is your year! It's your break through year to break out of your comfort zone, push the boundaries, do things you've been wanting to do, and have no regrets! 
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Remember, Don't look Back!

Oceans of Love, Health, Happiness, & Prosperity,


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